Sep 19, 2014

DJ Solespin @ Puces Pop Record Fair (September 20, 2014)

The Puces POP Record Fair provides me with yet another avenue for crate digging. I have no doubt 2014 will be just as good to me especially since I have a DJ set on September 20 from 2:30pm to 6pm at 405 rue Fairmount Ouest, MontrĂ©al.  

Visit the Pop Montreal Record Fair Facebook page for more event information.

It should come as no surprise that I love record fairs and conventions.

The excitement of finding records long sought-after or discovering that could end up being precious to my person are sensations I revel in.

The Puces Pop Record Fair is always a source of wonder, delight and music for me.

Crate-diggers, music connoisseurs and collectors, record store owners, various vendors and passersby alike congregate at the church every year for Pop Montreal weekend.

Music in most of its various formats, LPs, CDs and audio cassettes are sold, bought and celebrated.

Truth be told, I look forward to it most at Pop Montreal time. Whatever showcases or performances I catch can be either secondary or an afterthought. 

During that particular weekend, I was asked to fill in for CKUT’s The Goods.Considering that I would check out the Puces Pop Record Fair, I decided to play vintage 1960s & 1970s rock, soul, jazz, funk and reggae in honor of the church crate-digging craziness.

A good number of records played on that show were bought at Puces Pop Record Fair.It is my way of giving back to the cultural institution and festival that is Pop Montreal.

I learned that I would miss the Montreal Autumn Record Convention while I would be at CMJ.

I also learned that unlike the two years prior that I've been at CMJ, there would be no WFMU Record Fair for me to scavenge.

When I think back to the Puces POP Record Fair, I have fond memories of that Saturday afternoon. I found some interesting records and didn't go too far over-budget.

Thanks to the organizers and vendors for the great time at Puces Pop.