Apr 26, 2015

Mobb Deep

1995 was a great year for hip hop music and albums like The Infamous prove that.

One of my domino-playing crew members played the album for us when it was released and I knew the album was a classic long before we reached Drink Away The Pain. What I didn't know was when I would get my own copy to add to my own collection.

The Infamous was leaps and bounds better and more significant than the 1993 Mobb Deep I remembered. The Infamous is a must-own.

A distinct memory I have related to Mobb Deep was a Source Magazine photograph of Havoc, Prodigy joined by Nas & Raekwon in what looked like a recording studio. I don't remember if that photo was in a magazine published before or after The Infamous' release but I remember thinking those four would be working on a sick track if it were recorded.

What an album! Temperature's Rising, Up North Trip, Give Up The Goods, Survival of the Fittest, Eye For An Eye and of course Shook Ones, Part. 2 await the listener and I nearly listed half the album off of memory.

The Mobb Deep magic would repeat with Hell on Earth but that is another album and potential post.

The duo celebrates some twenty years of hip hop history.

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The Suite Delight - February 25, 2014 (2) Playlist
  1. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Large Professor Remix)
  2. Diverse - Uprock
  3. Jay Dee - Pause feat. Frank-N-Dank
  4. Strong Arm Steady - Questions
  5. Souls of Mischief - That's When Ya Lost (Remix)
  6. Soul Khan - Knuckle Puck
  7. Quasimoto - Rappcats, Pt. 3
  8. Supastition - Yada Yada
  9. Murs & 9th Wonder - Murs Day
  10. Mobb Deep - Win or Lose
  11. Wale - Um'Ricka feat. K'Naan
  12. K-Solo - Letterman (Pete Rock Remix)
  13. The Extremities - Cold Cheese
  14. D-Sisive x Tone Mason – Maybe I Will feat. DJ Grouch

Apr 24, 2015

The Suite Delight CKUT Anniversary Celebration

There are 2 very special times of the year for me where The Suite Delight radio show is concerned. 

They require me to plan in advance to ensure it is the best broadcasting I can produce. The first is my annual birthday party episode and the other is my show’s anniversary.

Like my birthday, the other sacred time of year for my show, my show celebrates one anniversary a year and I just want to make the most of it for myself and everyone else.

I have been working on earning the right to call The Suite Delight your favorite radio show since 2006. 

I’m still further narrowing the playlist to find out which songs will be those I celebrate with.

I cordially invite you to join me on April 28th as we celebrate 2 years of The Suite Delight eclectic musical entertainment on CKUT 90.3FM from 1am-2am EST.

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Below is the 1st Anniversary CKUT playlist to bring you up to speed. 

The Suite Delight 1st Anniversary CKUT Playlist:

1.       The Monkees – Mary, Mary
2.       Harmonica Paul – Motherless Child
3.       Eddie Kendricks – Date With The Rain
4.       Yellow Sunshine – Yellow Sunshine
5.       Magic Disco Machine – Scratchin’
6.       The Incredible Bongo Band – Bongolia
7.       Lack of Afro – P.A.R.T.Y. (Instrumental)
8.       The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodyte
9.       Booker T. & The M.G.s – Lady Madonna
10.   GZA & Ras Kass – Lyrical Swords
11.   RZA & MF Doom – Biochemical Equation
12.   Camp Lo – Luchini
13.   Digable Planets – 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)
14.   Danger Mouse & Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life
15.   Hi-Tek – The Sun God
16.   K-os – The Love Song

The Modern Jazz Quartet

If it weren't for Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, The Golden Striker would have been  my favorite jazz composition.

I have a strong respect and interest for Milt Jackson as well as groups of musicians consisting of at least four members. 

For what it’s worth, The Modern Jazz Quartet is like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks or The Who of jazz music to me.

I didn’t care about the xylophone as an instrument until Milt Jackson.   

Apr 23, 2015

Jazz Amnesty Sound System (J.A.S.S.)


I used to make a few trips to Waverly Bar to check out Montreal jazz juggernauts The Goods’ DJ Andy Williams & Sweet Daddy Luv when they would spin there.

A photo of Andy Williams and Sweet Daddy Luv in the Montreal Mirror announced the two were collaborating.

They added a Mixcloud page to their repertoire.

The weekends spent at Waverly Bar with Jazz Amnesty Sound System resurrected my jazz music consciousness.

I had not thought much about jazz music in the last decade. That is quite a feat for the dynamic duo to accomplish.

The dynamic duo have been scheduled at L'Astral for a number of summer Montreal Jazz Festival performances.

Andy Williams co-hosts CKUT's The Goods on Sunday afternoons.

To celebrate Earth Day, here is the Jazz Amnesty Sound System's Jazz From Planet Earth Mix. Enjoy!

Homeboy Sandman

I had the privilege of meeting Homeboy Sandman at The Red Bull Space for DJ Spinna & Cut Chemist's CMJ showcase.

I told him one of his singles from his album was one of my favorite hip hop tracks of that year. It was quite possibly the favorite in retrospect. 

Fast-forward to now he is signed to Stones Throw records, one of my favorite record labels. 

Subject: Matter and Chimera were already released on Stones Throw Records.

Check out Refugee to learn what Homeboy Sandman has been offering lyrically for the last few years.

The Suite Delight new time slot is Tuesday morning 1-2am EST on www.ckut.ca & 90.3 FM.

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Apr 20, 2015

The Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer closed off a power packed line-up including Daedelus, Teebs & Samiyam at Montreal's Le Belmont a few years ago.

His name was slightly intimidating because I learned of it close to the event.

I liked little to none of the Daedelus music I had heard prior to that Belmont night. Luckily I didn’t write Daedelus or anything affiliated with him off because had I done so, I would not have gone to see or hear him. I’m glad I saw and heard him, Gaslamp Killer, SAMIYAM & Teebs. I’ll do what I can to be more familiar with their music from now on.

I was having a lot of fun watching and hearing him perform but this moment sums up the night for me. Anyone that knows me should know I smiled like a kid on Christmas while filming this and why.

At the end of the night, I joined them, an impromptu tour guide named Poirier and Rilly Guilty for poutine. What a perfect way to end a perfect night of DJing and live music.

Sparkle (1976)

I was in a New York hotel room and a movie with an all-Black cast screened on a television station that features predominantly Black programming.

I returned to my room in the wee hours of the morning and browsed for something to watch on television. A movie with Black actors and actresses on the screen caught my attention and interest more than most of the I showcases I attended that week.

The film reminded me of Dreamgirls in many ways. There was a trio of singing females similar to The Supremes. The central member of the trio seemed to be the most troubled or had demons to face.   

There was no mention about the movie I was watching until the credits rolled at the end. I learned it was called Sparkle. 

I can’t help but notice the differences between the little of the 1976 Sparkle film I watched in New York and the little I’ve seen from the remake. I remember the cinematography of the Sparkle original being darker and grittier. The scenes related to the nightclub performances as well as the physical and drug abuse were very authentic and would not have benefited from the sparkling and vibrant choices of the remake. I am sure Diana Ross’ Lady Sings The Blues was a prime source of inspiration for the original Sparkle.

I recognized Irene Cara, Philip Michael-Thomas of Miami Vice fame and actress Lonette McKee among the original cast. As much as I knew I was watching a younger Michael Thomas, his features were still more mature than the young men in the Sparkle remake. In a number of films starring Blacks I was aware of as a child, McKee was usually the female lead. 


From the little I saw of the original Sparkle, I vowed to see it again somehow someway and would be inclined to order it if no Montreal video store provided me a copy to rent.

My goal is to see the original prior to the Sparkle remake so that I can better understand the artistic differences and, if possible, similarities of both films.