Jan 5, 2015

Stéphane Moraille

I saved copies of Montreal Mirror magazines to review them later.

As the host of a radio show, I want to learn more about the bands, genres and music that are a bit foreign to me and catch up on what I didn’t know musically.

One day while going through them, an article and photo about a powerhouse vocalist from Montreal came to my attention. The article was promoting a concert performance that I immediately regretted missing. I decided I was going to get familiar with her music any chance I got since I didn’t see her perform live like I would have wished.  

One day I was shopping at one of my favorite record stores, Death of Vinyl, and the owner showed me a box of 12” singles. He was aware of my preference for strong female vocalists and told me to take my pick. The box was filled with dance music classics and among them, a bunch of Shauna Davis songs popped up. I remembered the name from the Mirror article and realized I just found more Stéphane Moraille music. I took them all and was especially blown away by her delivery on Into You.

I remember the day I was in my apartment and listened to the Florida Water CD from start to finish. I kept rewinding Honey most of all.
I still find it amazing that from the day I read the article about her, to the two copies of Florida Water, the Shauna Davis 12” singles at the store, the Glee CD brought to my old radio station on the show after mine, to the phone call with the artist herself, I was destined to be surrounded by Stéphane’s music this year.

One of my highlights was that I talked to Stéphane Moraille over the phone. I’m one of the most star struck people I know so that moment was bliss. 

For some reason during the conversation, I started thinking about the future. I imagined her being the province’s Aretha Franklin, Shirley Bassey, or simply the Grande Dame of Montreal music in years to come. 

Stéphane Moraille is gifted enough to be Montreal music royalty one day. I’ll continue to check for her music whenever I can and follow her musical evolution.

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