Dec 30, 2010

10 Best Albums of 2010

1. Mark Ronson & The Business InternationalRecord Collection

I think the only person that doesn’t know how much of a Mark Ronson fan I am is Mark Ronson. Being a music director at the time of Record Collection’s release only meant that I was going to do anything I could to support the album’s run at Concordia University's radio station. I didn’t like Bang Bang Bang & Circuit Breaker the first times I heard it but as predicted they grew on me. This album is nothing like the first two because it is on an 1980s electro-pop revival, unlike the 1960s funk/Motown revival he gave us on Version. I’m biased towards Mark Ronson and you should have known that for at least the last 2 years. Did you expect anything different from me?

2. Bonobo Black Sands

As expected since I’m relatively new to RPM music, most of my Concordia University's radio station RPM DJs were on Bonobo before I was. I sampled the album and loved Kong, Eyesdown and any other track featuring Andreya Triana. I wanted to play Kong on my last live 2010 Suite Delight broadcast but my guest, Onomatopoeia Show’s Cartoon Gal, wanted to go with another track from his earlier work because it was her birthday. I also wanted to see him & Andreya live at Le National a few months ago but it didn’t happen. That’s not a big problem. I’ll just get re-acquainted with this earlier work and Black Sands until my next opportunity.

3. Andreya TrianaLost Where I Belong

Andreya Triana
was the voice of 2010 for me. It should be made clear that I love female vocalists. Most of my subsequent posts should prove that fact. I fell in love with her after hearing her voice on Eyesdown from the Black Sands album and looked forward to more Andreya audio when her first CD would be released. No matter what remix or track, as long as I heard her voice I was alright.

4. ChromeoBusiness Casual

There were a number of songs from Business Casual that could have made their way on the Best Singles list. That is the test of an album’s strength. With Night by Night, Don’t Turn the Lights On & I Can’t Tell You Why, how can Chromeo not be a 2010 best album contender?

5. Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool

Baby Can’t Stop was one of my favorite songs early into this year and I knew it would make it onto this list. Lovesick was hot too. DJ Politics bought the vinyl during that Aux 33 Tours record sale. If I liked the album more, I probably would have done the same. I did my part by adding it here and charting it as much as I could.

6. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Big Boi has been in the game for a long time and his contributions deserve respect. My respect for Outkast sent me to Future Shop to make this my one of two 2010 CD releases. I didn’t hear Shutterbug until I brought the CD home but kept hearing from anyone around me that the song was hot. I checked the credits to see if Andre 3000 contributed much to the album and was surprised to see or barely see his name. My mind wandered to what the upcoming Andre 3000 project is going to sound like but until that day comes, Big Boi’s CD more than fills the void.

7. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

When the Montreal Mirror’s Darcy MacDonald gave My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a highly positive review, I was expecting a back lash in the Rant Line. There was no backlash. In fact, most reviews of the album were in league with Block Clocker. A brief browse of the Source Magazine days before Christmas revealed a 5-mic rating. I didn’t doubt Kanye’s new album would be one of the year’s best. I was just amazed it was so unanimous. Kanye West is vital not only to hip hop but music period. I wasn’t there for 808s & Heartbreak but I was present to buy the new album.

8. Various - G.I. Disco: The History of the Cold War’s hottest 80’s Club Music in West Germany

Labels like Harmless, Strut & BBE Music helped introduce me to the scene I’m involved with now. I’m sure I’ve expressed my respect for BBE Music here before but I’ll do so again. Like the Dimitri from Paris compilation highlighting TSOP/Gamble & Huff gems, the G.I. Disco track list reads like a best of 1980s R&B/pop. I grew up with most of those songs, learned of some of them later on and some are treats to discover now. I naturally did what I could to support the album on my chart. Thank you BBE!

9. Various - Babylon Central SDTK

This album made me understand how good the ESL label is and to pay more attention to them. Eighteenth Street Lounge Music now joins the ranks of some of my favorite record labels. If I hadn’t made it clear or known yet, I love compilations. With Max Romeo’s Chase the Devil and other interesting songs among its track listing, it makes a welcome addition to the list.

10. Various - Shapes 10:01

This is the year of Tru-Thoughts love from me. I always look forward to the next Tru-Thoughts release or compilation. There is always something banging waiting for me when I get to it. Even the downtempo/chillout tracks are incredible in their construction and vibe. As long as I’m on air or behind the turntables/DJ equipment, my playlists will always have room for Tru-Thoughts.

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