May 28, 2015

Dick Clark

When I think of Dick Clark, I’ll always remember American Bandstand over every one of his other shows or projects.

I was lucky, fortunate and blessed to have been born when Bandstand was being broadcast. 

I’m even luckier that I watched it during my formative childhood years. It also didn’t hurt that I was inclined to retain that knowledge and had dreams of being Dick Clark in my own right.

When I was a boy, I thought American Bandstand was the only and best show of its kind. My passion for 1960s nostalgia and memorabilia would reveal Bandstand had competition from various shows like Shindig. Considering that the other shows folded by the time I was aware of American Bandstand, my original statement about it being the only and best show of its kind still stands. 

For my purposes, teachers like Montreal’s Peter King, Casey Kasem and Dick Clark were influential in creating the DJ, radio show host and blogger I have become.

When you’re a kid, you wish you were older and I wished I was old enough to have attended a taping of American Bandstand. Since that was impossible, I soaked up everything and minute of the show. I watched the performances, the dances, their clothes and of course Dick Clark.

He stood above the dancers and got to talk to the musicians after they performed. He was the man on the show and that meant he was the man for people like me who watched the show. If Samantha Taylor was Canada’s coolest woman, Dick Clark was the coolest man in North America. I couldn’t have asked for better. Saturdays gave me hours of countless cartoons capped off with Clark’s Bandstand.

R.I.P. Dick Clark and I will carry your legacy with me in everything I do musically.

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