Apr 26, 2012

Night Life with Peter King

As another birthday has come and gone, I believe I was born at an ideal time.

Like most people of my generation, I have lived to see the technological advances predicted and promised come to fruition.  Without said technological advances, I wouldn't be able to blog as I do today.

For my purposes, teachers and mentors like the late Dick Clark & Casey Kasem and even Montreal’s Peter King were influential in creating the DJ, radio show host and blogger I have become. 

As a kid, I had no interest in Nightline. Peter King’s Night Life was what I wanted to see at any chance I could. By the time I was learning about pop music, Peter King was seen as a local leader of the R&B scene. Night Life gave a showcase to the urban/R&B artists that otherwise were not heard on the radio or seen on music video programs at the time.

If Casey Kasem was not the coolest in those sweaters, Peter King was the equivalent of Kool & The Gang’s J.T. Taylor hosting a weekly program. If memory serves, Night Life was after the late CFCF 12 Pulse News Friday night broadcast.

I have recently seen babies fight sleep to stay awake for the sake of not missing a moment among the grown folks. When I say I tried to stay awake to watch Peter King’s Night Life, I mean it. The first obstacle was whether I would be allowed to be up that late. Second was the potential mature content of the music videos. Third was fighting my own internal urge to sleep. I have a vivid memory of being up lucky enough to have been up late to have seen the show’s first 15-20 minutes before I curled up in a ball for bedtime in front of the television set.

I carry those memories of Night Life and Peter King with me to this day and thank him for the inspiration.   


Anonymous said...

I Loved Peter King's Night Life & I met PK in 1985 at my school. He wore his gold-framed Porsche design sunglasses the whole time. I hope he is still alive & well.

DJ Solespin said...

I hope he's alive and well too. I would invite him on my radio show. It would be my past meeting with the present. He was an inspiration to me before I would know it.
I'm sure I could learn a lot from him.