Jan 7, 2015

CBC's Video Hits With Samantha Taylor

It was great growing up in the 1980s.

Where music was concerned, I was discovering and learning pop music and acts as they were releasing material.

What a joy it was to head home after school to watch a couple of cartoons and then get a dose of CBC's Video Hits just before suppertime.

Video Hits was hosted by Canada's coolest young lady, Samantha Taylor. She presented the most popular and newest music videos to the country.

As I continue to reminisce about some of my inspirations for The Suite Delight, I cannot forget about Video Hits. YouTube has allowed me to add some vintage video footage to this blog post, giving a small taste of what the show sounded and looked like in the mid-eighties.

I had not seen or thought about Video Hits since the last televised episode I saw as a child. Watching the show's introduction and theme song made the memories come flooding back to me. I always thought that they used a very unflattering photo of Mick Jagger for that montage and maintain that stance to this day. Admittedly, I always looked for that Jagger picture at the start of the show regardless of how I felt about it.


Celeste said...

Video Hits and Good Rockin Tonite were two of my major sources of music since at the time Muchmusic was a specialty channel.

DJ Solespin said...

I almost forgot about Good Rockin' Tonight. I wasn't always allowed to watch it :) Thanks for the reminder.

Celeste K said...

No problem.

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