Dec 26, 2013

George Michael - Faith (1987)

I saw George Michael achieve his own career milestone with Faith. 

Faith is a masterpiece of the decade and stands the test of time. I learned to understand that George Michael is one of the best male vocalists in popular music history. 

In 1984, the Make It Big album by Wham! had a number of hit singles. If memory serves me correctly, there was a cartoon featuring Wolfman Jack where music videos were screened at the end of the program. I’m sure it was on that cartoon that the video for Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was shown one Saturday morning.
Years ago a discussion or near debate sprouted up among some mates over which of the album’s ballads was the best. This author roots for Father Figure. If I weren’t so moved by the arrangement of Father Figure, I may have been aware of how One More Try is George Michael’s best vocal performance a lot earlier. I have put my faith and not-so-tiny-anymore hands in Father Figure’s peppy beat and choir-like vocals since I heard it.

As young as I was, I knew the album was dripping with sexuality. Not since Prince’s Purple Rain had an album been so racy for my ears. I Want Your Sex could not have been more blatant. It was surely the first time I saw the word sex written and heard sung in a song. The song scattered into three parts across the album’s two sides was even more reinforcement of the album’s theme. Regardless of that adult content, the hit single was great to dance to.

Monkey is funky. Perhaps not in the same vein as Everything She Wants but it is another great song for a party’s dance floor.

Within the last few weeks of my considering to write about George Michael’s Faith, the CD was purchased twice for the times it has crossed my path.  I conclude this post while listening to Hand To Mouth.  In this post-911 world, I still have faith that people of this world will not have to live hand to mouth, George Michael might record a modern-day equivalent of Faith in magnitude and that I too prevail in whatever I undertake.

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