Dec 27, 2012

The Suite Delight Best of 2012

2012 is soon coming to a close and I couldn't be happier.

Not to say that it was an exceptionally horrible year for me but it wasn't exactly stellar.

I found comfort here and in knowing that many others were doing the same. That fact was one of the best and most rewarding aspects for me in 2012.

I thank the guest DJs that spun with me on my radio show.

I would like to believe that 2012 has taught me enough pearls of wisdom to apply to my blog, radio show, DJ sets and mixes in 2013. With that in mind, that is why I am eager for the current year to cap. I want to take myself and you higher, to higher ground, to the next phase and even the Mardi Gras.

Below are some of the highlights of 2012 from my vantage point.

1. Lee Fields & The Expressions – Cabaret Du Mile-End

I was fortunate to have caught two Lee Fields Montreal concerts in 2012. The second was better than the first.

2. Charles Bradley & The Extraordinaires – Corona Theatre

There was no way I was going to miss Charles Bradley’s 2012 show. I was unable to catch the Osheaga performance so the lane was clear for me to see him at Corona. The version of Heart of Gold was as crisp as the recorded one.

3. DJ Amir – The Goods, La Sala Rossa

4. DJ Spinna – Oasis Wednesdays, Salon Daome

Just as I was preparing a blog post about DJ Spinna, I learned he would be making a guest appearance for Oasis Wednesdays. It had been over 2 years ago that I caught a DJ Spinna set. It was a pleasure to see him on Montreal soil this time.

5. Jazzanova - Metropolis


That night at Metropolis was fun. I did not know any of the songs spun by the Jazzanova DJ but enjoyed myself nonetheless. The crowd surrounding me had a good time as well.

6. Christian Pronovost – Death Of Vinyl

When I think back to that weekend, I’ll never forget Christian Pronovost unleashing song after song in the store. I’ll never hear, think or look at Christopher Cross records the same way again.

7. The Souljazz Orchestra – Montreal Jazz Festival & Le Belmont

Like Lee Fields, I was able to catch two of their performances in Montreal this year. One was pre-Solidarity release for the Jazz Festival and the other was during the tour to promote the album.

8. Inspectah Deck – Le Belmont

Deck is among my favorite Wu-Tang MCs. The only downside to that night was that the photo we took was poorly lit. I was at least happy to have met him and spoke with him after the show.

9. Lianne La Havas - Le Belmont

Good fortune, in the form of DJ Andy Couchman, allowed me to catch her show at Le Belmont when it seemed hopeless.

10. Lyrics Born – SAT, Jazz Festival

Lyrics Born literally rocked the crowd during the Montreal Jazz Festival. It was my first time at one of his concerts and I’ll never forget it. The James Brown jams had everyone in attendance grooving.

11. Jeru The Damaja – Cabaret Underworld

This was my second Jeru the Damaja concert and it is the best to date. I believe the only thing that could have made that show better was if it were a bit longer.

12. Puces Pop Record Fair

I love record fairs and conventions. On that particular weekend, I filled in for CKUT’s The Goods and delivered the best playlist of the year.

13. Under Pressure 2012

I got to DJ once again for the festival and enjoy being in the company of like-minded artists and members of the underground community.

14. The Suite Delight 6th Anniversary - Concordia University's radio station 

August is the anniversary month of The Suite Delight radio show and blog. The anniversary is one of only two sacred playlists of the year. The other is my birthday episode in March. It is a blessing to have dear friends present to celebrate the milestone with me.

15. A Tribe Called Red – Pop Montreal

That set can easily be called the craziest of 2012. To be clear, the people in the venue were going crazy from what A Tribe Called Red was doing on stage. I just learned that the trio will bring that madness-inducing music to Montreal in 2013 for Igloofest. Will the freezing temperatures have the people at the Old Port in hysteria? Who knows?

16. Dam Funk – Pop Montreal

I still can’t believe he played One Way’s Give Me One Chance that night!

17. Phantasmagoria Exhibit

It was nostalgic and melancholic for me to see the Phantasmagoria Exhibit. I remember those days of records running the music scene. Now, the music scene has run record stores, records and unbelievably CDs out of commission. If there is a record renaissance, it could not come any sooner. People like me who are vinyl lovers and enthusiasts are a dying breed giving life to a format that is practically dead. The exhibit made me realizes what we’ve lost, have been fighting for and desperately need to have return.

18. The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers is the movie of the year. I know it will be a while until I add it to my collection but I can patiently wait. I will want to watch it again with the wonder of the first time viewing.

19. The Dark Knight Rises

I was blown away by the second Christopher Nolan Batman film. It took a lot of effort on my part to not compare this third installment to the other two. I enjoyed it immensely and in many cases my jaw dropped at some events. Had I not been so partial to Marvel Comics, The Dark Knight Rises could have been the movie of the year for me.

20. The Hobbit

At present, I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet. The book is quite possibly my favorite of all-time. If The Lord of The Rings trilogy manages to rival The Godfather as best movie franchise for me, I do not doubt it will be a good movie

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