Jun 8, 2015

Jeff Mills

I stated enthusiastically that Theo Parrish’s Mutek DJ set was the best DJ set I had ever experienced. I wasn’t completely aware of how true my words were until Mutek 2012.

Weeks prior to Mutek, I bought a DVD about legendary techno music figure Jeff Mills that I have yet to watch. I had first seen his name connected to a DJ compilation series. The track listing was the extent to my knowledge about Jeff Mills. I recognized some of the artists and titles and perceived him to be a DJ in the vein of Theo Parrish, Nicky Siano or possibly Kenny Dope.

The young man that sold me the DVD at the record convention was the first to inform me that Jeff Mills was more linked to techno music more than the 1980s R&B music I saw on the CD track listing. When I walked into Metropolis to catch Jeff Mills’ Mutek performance, I did indeed learn that.

I am not the biggest fan of techno music.I went to see Jeff Mills with as open a mind possible because if anyone could have changed my mind about techno music, it very well could have been him.

Mills’ set was so lengthy I was able to leave Metropolis after I had heard enough techno and return later that evening for another round. Just as dubstep tests my limits as far as electro music is concerned, I can only take so much techno. It appears I would need to subject myself to a techno tutorial of some sorts to better enjoy the music.

Considering that I have a DVD dedicated to Jeff Mills within arms’ reach, I presume it is indeed the tutorial that could help me tolerate techno music. The only issue is when I will actually sit myself down to watch it.

The last question I have about Jeff Mills is whether I should have seen the DVD and developed a liking for techno music prior to that night at Metropolis to know what I missed. Time, and a potential retraction in the form of a blog post post-DVD viewing, will reveal.   

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