Nov 10, 2015

Allen Toussaint

From the moment I heard Allen Toussaint was going to be at the 2010 Montreal International Jazz Festival, I knew I had to see him.

If I had to pay, I would have paid. Lucky for me I didn't have to and neither did the others that saw him at the Mardi Gras themed finale.

On the night before the finale, I was watching CTV News and they mentioned he would be the finale's headliner. When I learned of my second chance to see him in Montreal, I was stoked. I called the Montreal Jazz Fest Info-Line to confirm show details.That night was the only night of Montreal Jazz Fest I had for the year and I had to be there. 

Allen Toussaint is most likely the source of New Orleans' musical output for close to 50 years. As a student of music and potential teacher, I needed to be there out of respect to the man. I told J.R. Ewing we were about twenty years too young to fully appreciate that night. However, we were old enough to know that was the right time to see the man perform live.

R.I.P. & thank you Allen Toussaint for the decades worth of music. 

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