Feb 11, 2015

Bad News Brown

In 2006, I needed a new outlet for creativity. My logic was that If I was going to return to host a radio show again, it was going to be like no other I or the station had ever known.

After going through a few changes of genre, timeslot and name, my radio show The Suite Delight was recognized as Concordia University's radio station’s 2010-2011 Best Hip Hop Show.

While the celebration was a long time in the making, events leading up to the Concordia University's radio station Diego Hip Hop Award were tragic. The award now bears the name of the local musician murdered in February 2011. His death impacted Montreal instantly and Concordia University's radio station responded in turn by honouring the late artist by renaming the award.

I believe it ironic that I am the first recipient of the Bad News Brown Award after years of what I thought was being overlooked due to my non-conventional approach to hosting a hip-hop radio show.

The news of my winning the award came to me via text message while I was on air.  The news of Bad News Brown's death reached me as I was making my way to Concordia University's library.  I had just gotten out of the subway to hear that the young man who I used to see and hear perform in the subway was kiilled.  

To my surprise, or maybe not too much so, legendary Lee Oskar was in town to pay tribute to the fallen Montreal artist.

Bad News Brown will never be forgotten as we face another anniversary of his death. 


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