Apr 7, 2015

Kenny Dope

I never knew who produced The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) but loved it every time I heard it. When I learned it was Kenny Dope, the name I saw on 12” singles and remixes dating as far back as 1992/1993 and the hip hop looking dude from Masters at Work, I freaked out. The quest for MAW production, solo or collective, began shortly after.

I discovered a mixtape called Roller Boogie that would really spark my interest in his work and vow to not let any Kenny Dope music get passed me ever again.

When I look at and think of Kenny DopeNew York comes to my mind. When I play DopeVega or their music made together, I get that much closer to the New York essence I respect and try to uphold.

I place Kenny Dope in the same class as some of my favorite DJs and producers that I admire. The only difference is that I have a lot of homework to do in learning his catalog. Every time I discover a Kenny Dope or MAW product I never heard before, it’s simply a joy.
I showcase Kenny Dope's work whenever I can.  I learned he has a new mixtape out and discovered the audio sampler. 

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