Aug 5, 2014

Chico Mann - Magical Thinking (2013)

Three is a magic number. They say never two without three. I wanted to catch Chico Mann's last CMJ set but couldn't. Believe me when I say I wasn't happy to hear that night was hot and I missed a great performance from him. I had a sense they'd put on a great show. I would have to wait for the next chance to catch a live Chico show.

I learned he had two Montreal shows not too long ago and was en route to see him. I arrived at La Sala Rosa after his set had finished. It was disappointing to learn I missed his performance. I was introduced to him near the end of the night and bought a vinyl copy of Analog Drift before heading home.

My last chance to see him was the Saturday night show at Café Campus. I finished my radio show and headed to the venue. I walked in to find him and the band onstage. The crowd was there to party and party they did. The peak of the night was when Chico Mann allowed the people on the dance floor to join them onstage. Even I accepted the gracious offer.

At the end of the night, I congratulated and thanked Chico Mann for a great show. Thankfully I didn't strike out three times where Chico Mann shows are concerned.

Word reaching me that Chico Mann will make another visit to Montreal will make me as happy as I was when I heard of his last album Magical Thinking release.

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