Sep 28, 2014

A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory

The Low End Theory is still my favorite of A Tribe Called Quest's discography.

For years I wondered what rating the album got from The Source magazine and I found out almost a decade later they ranked it one of hip hop's best.  

The album came at the end of the Afrocentric phase and presented the direction East Coast hip hop was going. 

The album contains Scenario, hip hop's greatest posse cut. Check the Rhime, Butter, Show Business and Jazz (We Got) are all waiting for you once you place the cassette, CD or vinyl in your sound system.

Speaking of those soon to be or already extinct media, I discovered that the track listing for each media changed from one to another. The tape order is different from the vinyl, the vinyl is different from the CD and the CD is different from the tape and vinyl. This once again is characteristic of the legendary and mysterious A Tribe Called Quest. They would repeat that element of surprise on Midnight Marauders where the photo order is different from one media to another.

The video for Jazz (We Got)/Buggin' Out is dangerously close to being my favorite hip hop video of all-time. 

A Tribe Called Quest was a pivotal crew that molded my musical knowledge and expectations of hip hop for years to come.

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