Apr 8, 2015

Bleecker Bob's Golden Oldies

New York 2011 was not quite the highlight I hoped it would be but it gave me great chances to do some record crate digging.

I learned early that I wouldn’t be able to check out the WFMU Record Fair. After two consecutive years of WFMU Record Fair, the separation anxiety was a slightly bitter pill to swallow. I was forced to make do with any and all record stores I could visit during my time in New York.

I remember saying that I was going to use restraint and discretion where my record buying was concerned. I believe that subconsciously the lack of WFMU Fair made me seek comfort in as many vinyls as I could find.

In 2010, I brought back about 1.5 crates of records from that visit. I probably brought back the same amount in 2011 but the difference was that I found want-list albums and sprung for records that were a bit more expensive, along with some reissues.

I played Peter Parker snapping photos with the good graces of the stores who remembered me from the last few years. 

These photos are from the first record store I visited upon my arrival in New York 2010 & 2011.

I was devastated to find out that Bleecker Bob's Golden Oldies closed.  I was not too happy to hear that news because it is a loss of a New York record store option.

Bleecker Bob was opened incredibly late even by my standards but was great for passing time before going back to the hotel to sleep.  I miss the store for the memories and most importantly the records.  

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