Oct 14, 2014

Brother Ali

I had been meaning to check for Brother Ali but just haven't gotten around to it. I'd heard his name called on domino tables over the years, but hadn't moved. 

I've heard words The Undisputed Truth and "slamming album" but hadn't heard it. 

I've heard songs, asked who did it, found out it was Brother Ali and had yet to follow through. 

When Brother Ali's Breakin' Dawn Tour reached Montreal's Foufounes Electriques, I knew it was the chance for me to get familiar.

Brother Ali had everything he needed to rock the house courtesy of the DJs & MCs that performed before him, organizers and crowd hungry for hip hop. It was time for the main man to take the stage. I saw the much talked about and highly praised MC in front of me and can safely say I knew he was going to do well before he performed his first song. Naturally, I knew next to none of the songs he performed. I asked crew around me for some song titles and in some cases checked the merchandise table to see what album the songs were on.

Brother Ali was real and authentic which was even more refreshing for me. At this point, I need as much of a real deal from music as possible. Since the concert, I've listened to a Brother Ali track many times and started telling people I know that haven't checked for him, gotten around to him, moved or followed through that he's nice. What else can you do when the truth is undisputed?

I learned about him late but I’ll be right on time the minute I hear he has new material.

Brother Ali returns to Montreal on November 4 at the Phi Centre.

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