Jun 3, 2015

Carolyn Franklin

During a summer not too long ago, I went to a local record store and happened to think about Aretha Franklin while I was browsing. I thought about how I couldn't play Aretha Franklin on my show as easily as I would like because of regulations. Suddenly I remembered Aretha had singing soul sisters in the 1960s.

I held in my hands Carolyn Franklin's debut album from 1969 on that day. It was a first pressing, had a $20+ price tag and not one song I knew. I sampled and enjoyed the vintage soul stylings but didn't see myself shelling out that much money for an album I knew nothing of and would not get to play all often, including on The Suite Delight radio show. I rather reluctantly put the record back.

Within days, the Carolyn Franklin record was on my mind and I began to feel I would shell out for it. I went back to the store and it was gone. I got to the point that I was preparing to order one online. Knowing that I was taking my pilgrimage to Mecca for CMJ, I felt I stood a great chance of bringing a Carolyn Franklin album on home with me.

Days in New York passed and I felt my hopes of finding a first Franklin were flitting away.

Near the end of my New York stay, I visited a record store that I had already been to making sure I left nothing substantial behind. As I was turning to make my way up the stairs, the first Carolyn Franklin album was wrapped in plastic among other valuable vinyl records on the wall facing me. The Franklin album would be the most I would spend for a single album. I snatched it off the wall and breathed a sigh of relief mixed with bittersweet irony.

I'm not sure if I willed myself to find the album in New York or the album in New York willed me to find it. What I do know is that I was not going to let it slip by me a second time. If I had to learn my lesson by paying more for it, so be it. It appears I was destined to be united with that album.

I waiting to unleash a Carolyn Franklin cut for The Suite Delight radio show audience.

At the price I paid, I can safely say it went from a New York record store wall to a Montreal crate digger's wall.

Welcome home and rest in peace Carolyn Franklin.

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