Nov 2, 2014

Cut Chemist

When I learned Cut Chemist, as well as DJ Spinnawould be spinning at New York's Red Bull Space, years ago, I knew I had to be there.

I was able to introduce myself to, take photos with and be handed a vinyl from Cut Chemist.

I noticed he only had one turntable set up for him on stage. He told me that was the plan. He would be using it and some contraption I saw under the table during his set. He used the machine as a pedal to alter the pitch and sounds of the music he played on the turntable. I learned a lesson or two in DJing that night.

My rubber arm was twisted by an esteemed DJ friend of mine when we were at a local store together.  He told me I needed the DJ Shadow - The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Mix) 12" single he was presenting me.  After listening to a few bars, I agreed and played the remix on my show.  I am hoping for more Cut Chemist material soon.

Learning Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow will be bringing their Renegades of Rhythm Tour to Montreal is something like a deja vu for me in more ways than one.  That daytrip to New York to see Afrika Bambaataa's records at Gavin Brown Enterprise is still one of the most enriching experiences I've had in recent years.  The dynamic duo too must have been inspired resulting in the tour paying tribute to the hip hop pioneer.

Below is the Cut Chemist segment of the Crate Diggers documentary series. Enjoy!

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