Jun 12, 2015


I forgot how much of a D-Nice fan I was. 

In 1990, D-Nice’s album dropped and had many a jam on it. 
The organ breakdown of Call Me D-Nice drove me wild.  I sometimes couldn’t wait for him to finish rhyming so I could hear it. 

TR-808 is Coming was another favorite with KRS-One on the hook and that hypnotic, slow rhythm.
I had a hard time choosing between And You Don’t Stop and It’s All About Me as the conclusion to my high school yearbook blurb.  I always felt And You Don’t Stop was too short a song and that he should have rhymed for a longer period of time.  Mind you, if there was ever a case for short but sweet, that one verse defends and closes it.  In this day and age of hip hop, a good number of acts can’t do in 3 verses what D-Nice did with one. 

Going back to the title track, D-Nice was never more lyrically ferocious than on that single.  Considering what he rhymed over, I believe he had no choice but to attack the track and do it justice.  He does that and more. 

I played all of those songs I just listed since my return to Concordia University's radio station in 2006.  I realize I did not play many tracks from his second album because I never owned a copy and no longer have the copy I owned in 1991.
My search for vinyl copies of D-Nice’s albums continues even though I may have forgotten that I was on that quest.  I presume if I came to face-to-face of the CDs/albums, I would have gotten the reminder then.    

As a member of legendary hip hop group Boogie Down Productions, D-Nice has produced many tracks and memories for most people of my generation. He was participant and witness to many events fans may not have been privy to know as well. He acts as hip hop historian with his True Hip Hop Stories series.

Call Me D-Nice celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

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