Mar 13, 2015

Eddy Grant

Bryan Adams may have had summer of 1969, but I had the one of 1983.

Michael was thrilling, Lionel was going at it all night long, Eurythmics was dreaming sweetly and Eddy Grant was talking about a hot street.

When I was a kid, the grown-ups loved and grooved to Eddy Grant's Say I Love You. As young as I was, I was learning the names of artists and songs. There was no photo of Grant for me to know what he looked like. I only knew his voice until music videos would change that. Like not realizing that Michael Jackson was part of The Jackson 5 and grew up to beat it, I barely realized he was the same Eddy Grant from the adults' 12" single.

I loved Electric Avenue in the summer of 1983 among other songs. I love it to this day and played it on my show a few years ago. I was too focused on Michael Jackson to have asked for the Eddy Grant album. I managed to buy it for myself many years later and discover more of his solo and Equals gems.

I have the utmost respect for Grant. I used to hear about him recording music as early as the 60s & 70s but it was not until I studied him more that I learned his history. I love classic rock & soul but The Equals managed to incorporate Caribbean rhythms to the rock.

Walking on Sunshine has sort of become my own personal Say I Love You but there are too many to mention now. I missed him at Osheaga within the last few years but if the chance comes for me to see him here again in Montreal, I will do what I can to not miss him.

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