Aug 6, 2014

Jasiri X - Ascension


Ever since I’ve learned of him through Rel!g!on's production over the last year or so, Jasiri X
has been involved with some great hip hop music.

The Pyramids track, both the original and remix, was my introduction to Jasiri X.

It was one of hottest and best hip hop songs I had heard at the time of its release and still one I've reached for it at my earliest convenience.   

Jasiri X is also a community activist. 

Ascension is the most recent full-length Jasiri X album.  I was looking forward to more hip hop heat from him, Rel!g!on and the featured guests.  

If you haven't already, please make yourself familiar with the link below for more of your favorite show and mine.

Below is a podcast to bring you up to speed. Click here to download more!

The Suite Delight - October 8, 2013 Playlist:

1. Chic - Open Up
2. The Blackbyrds - Mysterious Vibes
3. The Electric - So Now You Know
4. Bilal - Free (Tall Black Guy Remix)
5. Peven Everett - Testin' Me
6. Jefferson Airplane - Today
7. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Stir It Up
8. Ms. Melodie - It's Fresh Cause Ms. Melodie Made It
9. Checkmate & Concise - These Days & Times
10. Alex Dimez - All Out
11. Jasiri X - Mandela
12. Talib Kweli - Push Thru
13. DJ Honda - Travellin' Man feat. Mos Def

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