Jan 15, 2015

Mark Ronson

I am possibly still the biggest Mark Ronson fan in Montreal, Quebec and maybe Canada.

I admire his production, his albums and his own radio show has been influential on me this year. His playlists were practically musical treasure maps to me.

As a DJ, producer and radio show host, Mark Ronson has had a great deal of influence on me.

The vinyls for Here Comes The Fuzz & Version are among the most I've ever paid for in my life.

With the amount of times his name appeared on my own show's playlists, it was only a matter of time until a tribute show was done in honor of Mark Ronson.

Mark Ronson's Version started me on a quest of learning more about the British Indie rock scene. Names like The Charlatans, The Jam & Kasabian were new to me until I discovered Ronson was covering classics that most current Indie rock fans have known or should know.

I would have loved to be have been at the Mark Ronson talent showcase during the CMJ Music Marathon featuring Wale, Rhymefest, Daniel Merriweather and Rumble Strips. I read about how well they performed that night. 

As I have stated numerous times before, Mark Ronson’s radio show was highly influential on me and my own Suite Delight radio show. My weekends basically started with his show. I would do whatever I could to be home to listen.

Aside from the shopping and record crate digging, the night I met Mark Ronson was the highlight of my CMJ 2011 trip. The only downside was that the photo of Ronson and I turned out so poorly. I was pissed off about that for quite some time. The only thing that calmed me down was my repeatedly telling myself I have the experience to remember as opposed to not.

Before we parted ways, I asked when the fourth Ronson album will be ready.  I believe his answer was that he was working on it.  You can believe that I am looking forward to enjoying that album when the time arrives.

I was very happy to learn he was featured in the Crate Diggers documentary series. Check it out below.

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