May 26, 2015

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Main Ingredient

I’ll admit to being slightly harsh in my critique of The Main Ingredient when it dropped.

I guess you never forget your first. I felt Mecca & The Soul Brother would be tough to beat even for them.

I almost felt like they let themselves and me down with The Main Ingredient.

It wasn’t up to the high standards we had set.

Unfortunately, that would be the last album they would record together and I would maintain my position about The Main Ingredient.

I revisited the 1994 album some time last year and can state that as much as I was tough on it or classed it way beneath Mecca & The Soul Brother, it is still a better album than the majority of hip hop albums released in the last decade.

Contrary to what I thought or believed, it looks like they had it within them to drop back-to-back classics after all. Never two without three as they say.

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