Jul 31, 2014

Rotary Connection

I looked forward to a 30-minute DJ set to commemorate the crate-digging celebration of Record Store Day 2013.

As I packed my record bag, I made a last minute decision to bring a compilation of rock breaks.  When I arrived at the first store, a couple standing beside me asked about a group with Rotary in the name.  

I asked if they were referring to Rotary Connection.  The lady said yes and we briefly spoke about Minnie Riperton’s former band.  I explained that I was not a fan of the band’s brand of music but acknowledged the songs I did enjoy.  The man with her said he loved their orchestral and eclectic vibe. 

I reached into my record bag and showed them the compilation containing a Rotary Connection cut called Life Could and told them they should seek it out when possible. 

As I prepared for my DJ set at Death of Vinyl record store, I felt it would be ideal to play Life Could at my earliest convenience.  A young man approached the turntables apparently enjoying the tune.  I asked him if he knew what he was listening to and he stated he hadn’t.  I showed him the compilation and told him the band name. 

He replied that he remembered the name from Waxpoetics Magazine.  When I told him whose vocals were gracing the song, he had a moment of total recall.   I can only imagine what he was writing into his phone was a gentle reminder to reach for Rotary Connection. 

YouTube doesn't allow me to add a video with Life Could on the blog but allowed me to view vintage footage of my songstress early in her career. 

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