Oct 8, 2014

The Deep End With Nick Michaels

I have missed The Deep End with Nick Michaels on CHOM on Sunday mornings.

I couldn't believe my good fortune in discovering that program. I fell asleep with the radio on the Saturday night before, woke up and began browsing the dial for something to listen to even though Montreal radio doesn't offer much. Out of the ashes of nothingness on the radio came Janis Joplin's voice rising from my speakers like a phoenix. I forget which Janis song it was but I knew I was on CHOM because of the dial's positioning.

I was in the mood for classic rock and decided to keep on listening knowing I would be served the same songs. As I continued listening to the show, I realized it was not the usual CHOM programming but a program they were broadcasting called The Deep End with Nick Michaels. By the end of the show, I had heard the best music selections and program I had ever heard on CHOM. As an example, I heard King Curtis' live version of Them Changes from an episode of The Deep End. It would have taken me a lot longer to have discovered this song had it not been for the show. Imagine how I felt whenever Steve Winwood or Traffic songs were played.

I told anyone from family members to music connoisseur colleagues that might not have already known about the show to listen to The Deep End. Unfortunately, the program is no longer broadcast on CHOM.

This past Sunday morning, as I browsed my CDs for one to listen to, I found The Essential Janis Joplin and it inspired me to write this along with posts about Joplin and Jefferson Airplane. On the first Sunday in years that I would hear Janis Joplin's music, I remember the Sunday morning I discovered The Deep End with Nick Michaels.

The show inspired my own radio show where 1960s & 70s music is concerned. I've done what I can to bring what I and what I think many listeners would want to hear from a radio show. If my Suite Delight manages to be to anyone what The Deep End with Nick Michaels was to me, then I have paid The Deep End the highest compliment I could.

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