Sep 5, 2014

The Electric Flag

Certain groups and albums scream the decade from which they came from. 

There is an undeniable imprint of the time the music was recorded from either the album cover or the music created by the producers and musicians.  One such album that screams the mid to late 1960s is The Electric Flag’s A Long Time Comin’.

I used to see the album cover above at a Montreal record store on numerous occasions.  I was of course fascinated by it because it was from the 1960s but never studied or explored it any further. I almost believed the aesthetics of the cover had more value than the recorded material on its accompanying vinyl.

A Plateau record store was going out of business and I rummaged through their racks to see what treasures were possibly waiting for me.  To my surprise, The Electric Flag’s album turned up among their stacks and I knew it was my chance to finally learn what the album what this album I had seen so many times was all about. 

Seeing the photograph of band mates Buddy Miles and Mike Bloomfield at the back of the record was almost painful.  I learned that there is some truth in not judging a book or record by its cover.  At the time of my finding that Electric Flag record, I was hunting for 1960s & 1970s rock, soul, jazz and funk records that could incorporate as many of the genres I just listed within the music.  The only matter was finding out if the music was as incredible as the cover. 

From the moment I heard Killing Floor, I knew I was going to own the record.  Over-Loving You with Buddy Miles on vocals convinced me I didn’t need to listen to anything else. 

The record was not in the best condition but I figured I could still get some mileage from some of the other cleaner cuts for the price I was paying for it.   If an altogether better copy of The Electric Flag's A Long Time Comin' crosses my path, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up as well.    

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