Oct 6, 2014

Donny Hathaway

My listening of his debut CD painfully proved what I already knew.

I learned he had one of the best voices in soul music history. 

One night while “grocery shopping” (browsing record/CD stores with the sole intent of walking out with music), I noticed one of my favourite stores had a copy of Everything is Everything at a price I could not resist.


The CD is wonderfully smooth and earned my playing it again after the first listen just to hear I Believe it to My Soul again surrounded by its accompanying tracks.

The liner notes have Joel Dorn claiming Donny’s debut is his best album. I had been leaning more towards Live but I might be inclined to agree with him. I still have his Extensions of a Man to discover, among others, and who knows if those will also shift my opinion.

Regardless of which album Dorn or I feel is his best, what is agreed upon is that Hathaway was a once-in-a-lifetime talent.

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