Aug 30, 2014

Ego Trip Magazine

I once dedicated the month of September’s playlists to magazines that I enjoyed reading or intrigued me. Ego Trip was not among them.  I did however pay tribute to the magazine with the playlist below.

I don’t remember much about the magazine in the 1990s. I either never saw it on the stands or saw The Source as just that for my hip hop news and reviews. I was definitely aware of the magazine when it published its Book of Rap Lists.

Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists is one of the most, if not the most, important books related to hip hop ever produced.

I’ve been reading my copy for the last few days and an idea for an upcoming Suite Delight radio show theme came to me. If Ego Trip magazine would be the theme, I would need a great place to start from. As I got to the end of the book, there was a chapter discussing the artists that have been written about and appeared on the magazine cover.

I want to extend a thanks to the writers and creators of Ego Trip Magazine. Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists is of biblical proportinons as far as hip hop is concerned and I’m glad it was made. Similar to The Source of the 1990s, Ego Trip Magazine represents what I needed and ironically still need from a magazine dealing with hip hop.

With The Suite Delight radio show now changed to an old school hip hop format, it seemed like an ideal to again pay tribute to the magazine. 

A visit to their website might give you some clues as to who made the playlist on August 26.  

The Suite Delight new time slot is Tuesday morning 1-2am EST on & 90.3 FM.

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The Suite Delight - 2014-08-26 Playlist:

1. Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome
2. Ultramagnetic MC's - Watch Me Now
3. De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"
4. Chi Ali - Funky Lemonade (Remix)
5. Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo - Talk Like Sex
6. Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx
7. The Notorious B.I.G. - Party & Bullshit (Lord Finesse Remix)
8. Organized Konfusion - Stray Bullet
9. Organized Konfusion - Stress
10. Smoothe Da Hustler - Broken Language
11. The Lost Boyz - The Yearn feat. Pete Rock
12. Master Ace - Music Man

The Suite Delight - Ego Trip Covered Feb. 12, 2012 Playlist: 

Dream Warriors - I've Lost My Ignorance 
Choclair - Bare Witness 
Marco Polo - The Radar 
Wu Tang Clan - Careful (Click Click) 
Talk Spot 
Ghostface Killah - Kilo (Remix) 
Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising (Remix) 
De La Soul - The Grind Date 
M.O.P - Cold As Ice 
The Fugees - Ready Or Not 
Talk Spot 
Marco Polo - Hood Tales feat. Kool G. Rap 
Eternia & Moss - It's Funny feat. Ras Kass 
Classified - Cazual Drinking feat. Tash 
Big Pun - 100% 
N.O.R.E. - Nothin' 
Method Man & Redman - The Cisco Kid 
Big Daddy Kane - I'll Take You There 
Rakim - Guess Who's Back 
Talk Spot 
Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics - What U Heard 
Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx 
Eazy E - We Want Eazy 
A Tribe Called Quest - Find My Way 
Nas - Fried Chicken feat. Busta Rhymes 
The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy 
Rugged Intellect - Guaranteed feat. Rock of Heltah Skeltah 
BK-One - American Nightmare feat. Brother Ali & Scarface 
Madvillain - Rhinestone Cowboy

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