Aug 22, 2016

Jacob Lawrence

I've heard it said that a book chooses its reader and not the other way around. In my case, the art got my attention.

I remember going to a nearby greasy spoon restaurant on my lunch breaks and seeing a painting on their wall.

The painting was of literally black men in a pool hall. The men were all black except for their eyes. It immediately got my attention and made me wonder what message the painter was getting across. For the artist to paint the men so black, I figured he was Black himself or an extremely sympathetic and in tune non-Black painter. Either way, I wanted to learn more about the painting and artist.

As busy as I've been, I kept forgetting to look into the artist name and works. I looked deeper into it and came away with new information. I did a quick research on Jacob Lawrence to learn he was a Black artist and I believe the figures in black was his motif.

For more information about this legendary artist, visit Artsy's Jacob Lawrence page.  The site provides the artist's biography, over 30 of his works, exclusive articles and up-to-date Lawrence exhibition listings. 

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