Apr 4, 2015

Jill Scott

It had been a long time since I heard Jill Scott’s A Long Walk until a DJ dropped a smooth remix from the 12” in the middle of a mix session.

Jill Scott had been away from my consciousness for so long that she somewhat slipped my mind. In a conversation with an R&B fiend and friend, I pined that she may not release another album anytime soon. I was aware she was raising a family and must have convinced myself I’d see and hear of her whenever I’d see or hear new music from her.

I was never as big a fan of hers as other members of my immediate circle. I believe her debut CD was in the very early 2000s when at the time I was rather disappointed in urban music. I may have fronted on her a little but came to my senses and made sure I had her discography, minus the live CD, within arms’ reach.

Possibly my most enduring memory of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party was her response when asked if she was worried about having to follow Erykah Badu. I’m not sure if I fell in love with her then and began scooping up her CDs or after learning she was an Aries like me. Regardless of the order of events, that scene is pivotal and where my love for Jill Scott got solidified.

On the subject of her live performances, I heard the Live CD once around the time of its release and it was more like background music due to my previously explained mind frame towards urban music at the time, subsequent fronting and disdain for live recordings on a whole. I was also playing dominoes at the time which didn’t help either.

To my knowledge, Jill Scott has made one visit to Montreal. In hindsight, if I had studied her albums more prior to her Montreal performance, I would have watched her instead of Tha Alkaholiks performing that night. Knowing and feeling what I do now about Jill Scott, I realize what I missed. I hope to rectify this with my own Jill Scott live experience to speak of one of these days.

I love strong, talented female vocalists and see her as a modern-day Aretha Franklin I can rely on as a voice of choice.

I can be counted on for Jill Scott spins to keep your listening to The Suite Delight golden.

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