Feb 27, 2015

Johnny Guitar Watson

One of the first CD-Rs I ever made for myself was a Johnny Guitar Watson compilation. I didn't make it myself actually. I asked a classmate to find the songs and hand me the CD-R.

There is something bluesy and soulful about his voice that I can’t deny. I believe his music is the perfect link between blues and funk. There are many obvious reasons why he was sampled for hip hop tracks.

I found a Very Best of Johnny Guitar Watson album at the Montreal record convention but it doesn't have Lover Jones, my favourite of his late 70s recordings. I'm still very happy to have found that vinyl and will try to add Johnny Guitar Watson to upcoming The Suite Delight radio episodes.

I was made aware of a Johnny Guitar Watson - Listen album from 1973 that lays the foundation for his late 70s blues-funk legacy. Listen is now on my want-list. Wish me luck in finding it so that I can listen to it.

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