Oct 5, 2014


I love Marvel Comics and their movies. Anytime I hear or learn of a Marvel Comics film being released, I clear my schedule to see it at my earliest convenience. From 3 Spider-Mans & X-Men films, 2 Hulks (one being better than the former) & Fantastic Fours to even Elektra (not too happy to state that but Jennifer Garner’s hot), I’ve been there when Marvel Comics movies call.

When I heard they were giving the X-Men movie franchise a reboot, I was slightly apprehensive. The trilogy of prior X-Men films are my favourite in the Marvel Comics repertoire and I firmly believe that if Bryan Singer had directed The Last Stand, it could have been my favourite comic book adaptation movie of all time, Marvel or otherwise.

With the X-Men movies so near and dear to me, I was going to see First Class regardless.

When I was collecting comics in the late 80s/early 90s, the X-Men and Wolverine books intimidated me because of all the characters and mini-series that I knew little to nothing of. That didn’t stop me from collecting some X-Men books at the Extinction Agenda storyline, of all times, due to the artwork and hype surrounding the series.

I may have known little about the series at the time but knew that Magneto was a force to be reckoned with. He has always fascinated me even if I never owned a book with him in it. My imagination ran along with the idea that he was one of the series’ most powerful mutants. Matched with his dogged determination to see his ideology about humans and mutants come to fruition, he was simply one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe.

I mentioned Magneto’s ideology about mutant superiority over humans to be unfortunate a few paragraphs back. It’s truly a shame to be on the other side of the fence with a character that I admire so much, especially an opponent as powerful as Magneto. However, there is something magnetic about his character to me.

I can identify with the part of the movie where he was provoked into unleashing the power he barely understood he possessed. If I had discovered I had a fraction of Magneto’s powers and some people took something as precious to me as young Erik’s mother, the scene would have been different if I were in that situation. I would not be the one yelling like Erik in the movie. I would make those that took from me do the yelling.

Good people do bad things sometimes and bad people do good things sometimes. We can naturally disagree with his ideology but I respect him for it and his conviction to see it through. While some people are more talk than action, Magneto is more than ready to take matters and anything magnetic into his own hands to make things happen.

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