Mar 17, 2015


Rakim returns to Montreal's Le Belmont on March 21 for Hip Hop Week.

When I saw Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T and Rakim perform in Montreal decades after their legendary visits to James Lyng High School, I was trying to turn back the hands of time.  I was attempting to reconcile the void in my life after having not seen them in those prime years.  
I can now boast and literally blog about having not one but two Rakim concert experiences in my fair city.

Expectedly, anticipation for Rakim to reach the Belmont stage was high.  I was conveniently, strategically and fortunately near the door leading him to the stage and relieved that moment for a second time.
It felt good to see Rakim live and direct again.  The crowd enthusiastically shouted the legendary lyrics when prompted.  It was even impressive to hear a young lady behind me recite Mahogany verbatim.

The city will once again get a taste of hip hop history when Rakim takes the stage. 

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