Feb 4, 2015

Rudy Ray Moore

I believe that had Big Daddy Kane not featured Rudy Ray Moore on a track from Taste of Chocolate, I would have learned of the legendary comedian a lot later in my life or quite possibly never.
On his third classic album, Big Daddy Kane goes toe-to-toe and verse-for-verse with the randy Rudy Ray Moore.  Kane was already among the elite MCs of the day but many of my generation barely knew of Dolemite/Rudy Ray Moore.
Rudy Ray Moore is of course victorious and proved to the younger cats like myself who and why we know of Dolemite.

Many years ago, Rudy Ray Moore appeared in Montreal for a screening of Dolemite.

Me being the blogger that I am, I ventured to see the comedian at the Imperial Theatre. 
I don’t really remember much about the night but these few details.

If I saw Dolemite, I don’t remember much about the film.  I would need to see a scene or two to refresh my memory. 

What I do remember was what happened prior to my departure from the Imperial Theatre.  I think I was half expecting him to perform stand up comedy at some point while he was onstage but that didn’t happen.  I thought he was going to be present for a question and answer period about his movies and comedy.   That didn’t happen either.  Instead, Rudy Ray Moore began to sing-talk sexually laced lyrics that managed to get the crowd to erupt in boos. 
The screening and booing of Rudy Ray Moore occurred dangerously close to the 1am mark.  Anyone who uses public transit to get to and from the suburbs into town understands that time was neither on my side nor Rudy Ray Moore’s.  I would have loved to see and hear how the events manifested but I had to leave to catch a bus.

Part of me would have booed him too had it not been for the respect I had for him being an influential part of the culture I held near and dear.  If it is not known yet, I love very good stand up comedy.  To not get it makes me angry à la Marvin the Martian.

Another part of me was saddened to see the legend get treated that way in my hometown.  He was an old man on stage getting booed.
Quite frankly, maybe it was best I didn’t witness what happened in my absence.  It is already bad enough for me to connect Rudy Ray Moore to the unpleasant booing surrounding me as I left the theatre. 

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