Apr 29, 2015

The Bee Gees - Cucumber Castle

A close family friend's sister had the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album in her collection.  The Bee Gees were on the cover and evidently responsible for its success.

While in elementary school, I cared less about Islands in the Stream, whether Boys Do Fall in Love or any Chain Reaction with Diana Ross.

Fast forward to mid-2000s and I started checking out 1960/1970s rock & soul. I always had an interest in British Invasion rock and simply explored the music deeper. Like my love for Steve Winwood, it was a matter of time until I got back to The Bee Gees.

A few years ago, there was a record store in Montreal called Le Renart Bleu on Mt. Royal. I picked up a lot of classic rock and soul records from them. Funny enough, they had a heap of early Bee Gees albums and something made me pick them all up.   Cucumber Castle was among them. 

At this point, I've got a vinyl copy of their 1967-1975 output. What I might do is get pristine copies of my personal favorites from their discography. I reluctantly bought a copy of Idea at the WFMU Record Fair for a very low price ($1) but a listen or two made me realize that not all their songs or albums are pivotal. The thing is when The Bee Gees song is on point, they're unbeatable.

My research about The Bee Gees revealed why there were only two Gibb Brothers on the album cover.  The group had broken up after disputes about the Odessa album and presumably other issues. The late Robin Gibb released a solo album around the same time as Cucumber Castle's release.   

Cucumber Castle is not The Bee Gees' strongest album. With the exception of Don't Forget to Remember, there are not many musically brilliant moments like albums prior when the group was intact. Robin's absence is blaring and thankfully they reunited within about 2 years after the split.

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