Mar 10, 2015

Black Sabbath


If someone told me that I would blog, buy or listen to anything related to Black Sabbath years ago, I would have told them they listen to too much Black Sabbath and their telling me what they did was a symptom of their problem.

I was hip hop to the bone and would have told them I would remain so. Today, hip hop has its problems and I have sought shelter in many genres of music including Black Sabbath’s albums.

Black Sabbath is the epitome of heavy metal and the measuring stick by which I judge the genre's bands. I’ve always liked Paranoid since I've known about the song.

I had difficulty deciding which Black Sabbath album was going to have the honor of being title to this post. As much as I love songs like N.I.B. and The Wizard, I learned of them after being introduced to Paranoid. I'm sure Paranoid was the first Black Sabbath CD I bought because I had not heard any of their other four first albums.


After weighing the albums' cuts and my feelings towards them on a whole, I choose Paranoid as my ultimate Black Sabbath album. 

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