Oct 9, 2014

Danger Mouse

I’ll take this time to talk about how much of an inspiration Danger Mouse is to me.

I was watching the Mixtape Inc. DVD last month and a photograph of him on a magazine cover sparked the idea to put fingertips to keyboard. 

I couldn’t help but notice how my taste in music is similar to the career paths of Danger Mouse and Kanye West in a number of ways.  Both started out producing traditional hip hop music but slowly drifted more towards experimentation. 

Ironically, my approach to music is similar and that is possibly why I have such respect for the two. 

I learned about Danger Mouse shortly after learning about MF Doom and the Madvillainy album.  I wanted more MF Doom and discovered an album called Danger Doom.

I believe The Grey Album mixtape was released roughly around the time I wanted more Danger Mouse.  I played the What More Can I Say from that mixtape on one of my birthday celebration episodes of The Suite Delight.

My quest for more Danger Mouse put me on the path to the album Ghetto Pop Life with Jemini The Gifted One.  The Only One is the only song I played more than once on my radio show at the time when I wasn’t repeating songs on my playlist. 

Gnarlz Barkley was something of a surprise to me.  To think that Danger Mouse would pair with Cee-Lo Green of Goodie Mob fame was unbelievable and the resulting dark beauty of the Crazy single was just aptly named. I wasn’t quite expecting Danger Mouse to produce a song like Crazy.  As I think about it now, I have not heard a traditional or stereotypical hip hop beat from Danger Mouse since Crazy. 

Regardless of that fact, I have an interest in Danger Mouse production and I'm sure that if he returns to hip hop production, the beats will be simply crazy.

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