Aug 17, 2014

Dr. Bob Jones - Stop & Listen Volume 1


Prior blog posts about Andy Smith’s The Document, The Rapture’s !K7 Tapes mixtape and the Beat Generation series would prepare one for this one.

BBE is one of my favorite record labels. It has put out fantastic compilations that managed to educate and entertain me for over a decade. When I learned of the Stop & Listen compilations, I saw them as various top producers and compilers’ choice cuts they deemed worthy for us to hear.

The majority of the songs on all of the Stop & Listen volumes were foreign to me but I knew they surely would be worth listening to and could very well become my next favorite songs.

I don't remember where I found a used vinyl copy of Stop & Listen Volume 1 but I was thrilled to have acquired it. It was my first and only BBE vinyl release added to my collection.

I only recently realized I have reached for that Stop & Listen compilation very often in DJ sets, adding to its used quality.

The CDs of Stop &Listen 1-3 crossed my purchasing path and I brought them home with me. A few days ago, I popped in and listened to the Volume 1 CD

Dr. Bob Jones was the first to compile the Stop & Listen series. Although I am very familiar with the compilations' track listing, I never heard it from beginning to end until a few months ago.

The coherence of the compilations' cuts came through after the initial first listen. The jazz & soul side of Jones is strongly represented with the songs he chose, regardless of the era in which the songs were recorded.

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