May 29, 2015

Dream Warriors

DJ Rocambole brought Dream Warriors: Anthology A Decade of Hits with him for our last show together.

The Dream Warriors track was the most retweeted of all the songs played that night. That is a true tribute to the song's universal appeal that my listeners reacted relatively unanimously to the single.

I thought it was a big deal that Dream Warriors recorded with Gang Starr. I have reached for I’ve Lost my Ignorance in all of its forms or remixes at any chance I could over the years of my radio show.

Weeks prior while talking to Mulekick’s Oil Can Harry & One Love about the My Definition Of Boombastic Jazz Style video, I learned one of them had not seen the video.

For those that have not seen or know of the video, press play and enjoy one of Canadian hip hop’s greatest exports.

Dream Warriors were doing the eclectic, afro-centric hip hop thing before many, possibly even Americans. I was big into the afrocentric hip hop in the late 80/early 90s and loved tracks on their And Now the Legacy Begins release. The video for My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style was crazy to me with the energy and vibes of hip hop's most creative period. They have a song called Follow Me Not and there were many times I couldn't follow their meanings. They sort of lost me with their later work but the glory days of their debut is firmly planted in my mind.

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