Jan 13, 2015

Dub Echoes

They say nothing happens before its time. The Dub Echoes DVD landed in my hands at the right time for me to truly understand and enjoy it.

I managed to learn the names of most of the artists that were interviewed from Howie B. to Ticklah. I'm also old, wise and fortunate enough to have learned reggae music history to fully appreciate the influence of dub reggae on electronic music.

Just when I thought Lee Perry was influential on Bob Marley, I find out he's important in the current electronic music scene. No wonder Dubblestandart and Andrew W.K. worked with him.
I paid no attention to dub versions or sides of singles. Now I have to pay a little more attention to respect dub reggae even more. I've been wondering how or if I'll incorporate dub reggae into my radio show or future DJ sets. Time and the playlists will reveal how I fare.

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