Feb 1, 2015

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy was not only young and raw but cool because he was a member of Saturday Night Live. When I think of Saturday Night Live in the early 1980s, it is obvious Eddie Murphy was the cast member of utmost importance to me. 

Joe Piscopo by default was second because he appeared to be Murphy’s closest friend and relatively talented equal on the show.

Some of my only chances to catch Saturday Night Live would be when I would be babysat by a close family friend’s older sister.  To be awake after 11pm on a Saturday night at 8-10 years old was Wonderland. The only issue was getting over the hurdle of the late WPTZ News 5 broadcast to finally watch the coolest show on television. The 30 minutes was an eternity until the SNL opening sketch. On most cases, we would fall asleep during the broadcast. Do you think I slept during the original SNL broadcast of the Buckwheat Has Been Shot sketch sequence?

I’m sure that was the first night the grown-ups returned to see us kids awake and full of vigor as if it were Saturday 1pm. Would the parents understand we just watched the funniest SNL sketch involving Eddie Murphy? Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince told you the answer decades ago. 

I was slighty worried we could have been punished for not being asleep upon their return but that sketch would have been worth it.

As hilarious as the James Brown impersonation on Delirious or Comedian is, the visual of Celebrity Hot Tub is priceless.

The Best of Eddie Murphy provides other great comic Murphy moments including as James Brown as Annie.
Eddie Murphy is scheduled to return to Saturday Night Live by mid-February 2015.

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