Sep 16, 2014

K-os – Collected (2007)

I have been a big K-os fan since the release of his Joyful Rebellion album. I’ve seen him perform countless times, own his Publicity Stunt DVD and all of the CDs in his discography from Exit onward with the exception of the live album released last year.  The majority of all of that K-os material was found in Montreal.  Funny enough, it took one of my trips to New York to find his Collected CD.

I had known of the Collected compilation and might have had the chance to buy it on my music purchasing path. If I didn’t, it was because I thought I already had its tracks waiting for me at home. 

The Collected CD was among the very first purchases upon my arrival at the WFMU Record Fair.  If I had thought I had most of the tracks already, I would be more than happy to have them again because they were accompanied with exclusive remixes that I otherwise would not have owned.
Until I got Collected, I was not sure when, how or if I would ever have his Superstarr Pt. Zero remix.  My search for the 12” proved fruitless a few years ago. 

Sunday Morning personally places me on the fence but I have stood with K-os regardless.  There is a Twilight Mix of the song to check out.  Lastly, a song called Equalizer (Go! Remix) ends the compilation. 
I have always been big on unleashing remixes on The Suite Delight playlists to give listeners a different take on the artists or songs they may or may not know.  Collected allows me to continue doing just that where K-os is concerned.  It is also a great one-stop shop of K-os cuts.

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