Jul 11, 2014

Kelly Price

I remember learning of Kelly Price, in the mid-late 90s, singing back-up for Bad Boy, Brian McKnight and her work with R. Kelly. I bought her Soul of a Woman CD, as I did with most 90s R&B releases, and remembered being surprised by her vocals and realized she is a better singer than I already gave her credit for.

For many reasons, I didn’t follow Kelly Price’s music career after the release of her 1998 debut. I was Price-less because I had moved away from urban/hip hop music of the time and spent a great deal of focus on 1960/1970s soul, jazz, funk, rock and reggae.

Through the course of the last decade, I've learned that I can’t resist talented, female recording artists with powerful voices. Not too long ago, I remembered Kelly Price as one I should revisit. I scooped up a number of Kelly Price 12" singles I came across during record shopping trips. Rather than hunt through my collection, I bought a second copy of her debut CD for easier access.

My research reveals she is releasing an album, Sing.Pray.Love, in 2014.

With Whitney Houston’s passing, I remember the late legend allied with Price and Faith Evans.

My quest has begun to get her music that I'm missing. As I've come to learn, Kelly's music is priceless and will feature on my show whenever possible.

I have yet to see and hear Kelly Price perform live which I know will be an experience I will never forget.  Looks like I have a second quest as far as her music is concerned.

News of a new Kelly Price album for 2014 was the time fans like myself were waiting for.  

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