Jun 11, 2015


I miss Koushik’s music and wouldn't mind hearing more of it.

As a huge Stones Throw Records fan, I have a number of his tracks on the various compilations issued by the label. The Now-Again Re:Sounds release is pretty Koushik heavy with three of his productions on the CD.

I returned to university radio in 2006 and first learned about him with his Out My Window & Be With albums appearing on the charts long before I would eventually care to become music director for the station once again in 2009.

What I missed in time acquainted with those albums was made up for by making room for his music on The Suite Delight playlists whenever possible.

With there not being any new music from him, I feel I’ve still got some Koushik catching up to do. I’m not sure if or when more of his music will be released but I want to be filled in like Craig David when it is.

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