May 5, 2015

Latin Music USA

The Latin Music USA documentary is one of the most informative I've seen in a long time.

The 4-part documentary gives the history of Latin jazz, rock and pop music in America.

I had no idea popular music owed so much to Afro-Latin rhythms. It is unbelievable to think that some of the most innovative and ground-breaking music from The Rolling Stones & Beatles owe something to the deep roots and influences of Latin music.

The second part, dealing with Salsa music, was of particular interest to me. I have had a remote interest in Salsa music but had not done any research to better educate myself. I learned more about the Fania All-Stars that I had only known of by name.

Days before I watched the documentary, I visited the Fania website which was graciously giving away a Hector Lavoe download. I did not hear the download but heard enough from the documentary to know I really like Hector Lavoe. He was a fantastic singer and the song below caught my ear.

I’m torn between loving Boogaloo and Salsa most but I believe my heart and feet are centered in Salsa.

I'm thankful to PBS, Latino Public Broadcasting & Jimmy Smits for the documentary.  I finally got the lessons in Latin music I had been yearning for.

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