Dec 4, 2014

Rod Stewart & Faces

I learned that when Rod Stewart and Ron Wood left The Jeff Beck Group, they joined the remaining members of The Small Faces.

I knew Rod sang the vocals on Stay With Me but then realized that Faces had albums as well. That meant I had more 1970s Rod Stewart music to check out!

I'm still amazed at how Rod Stewart's Mercury Records music was apparently more popular than his Faces songs. Stay With Me was their biggest hit and it was not even a Top 10 single from what my research told me.

Luckily we are in an Internet era and I was able to compile my own Good Boys... When They're Asleep compilation. 

I played it so much that I eventually decided a CD-R does none of the music justice. I sprung for the imported Rhino CD at HMV. There were vintage photos and chart information to keep me happy.

While at Chapters, I discovered there is a book about Faces and might pick it up.

The Small Faces/Faces were announced as 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

I couldn't be more ecstatic about that news.

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