Mar 20, 2015

The Boondocks

I hadn’t seen or thought of The Boondocks in years. 

That was roughly the time when it was airing on cable television and I made every effort to catch as many episodes as I could.  I wasn’t even sure of which season the show was at.  All that mattered was watching the episodes and soak up as much of the series as I could before the network airing it decided to stop doing so.

I am an admirer of animation, I loved the art work of The Boondocks but had to somewhat brace myself for the satire that went along with it. 
I was able to watch the entire first season of The Boondocks in August and saw a number of episodes I had seen years ago. 

As biting and humorous as the R. Kelly trial episode is, the episode where Robert Freeman fights the blind man disturbed me slightly when I first saw it and did so again upon my second viewing.  The episode with the convict condemned to death row is well written.

Regina King deserves a lot of credit for the show's success. The choice of Samuel L. Jackson & Charlie Murphy as voices for two particular characters is brilliant. Ed Asner’s voice and likeness are extremely effective in the animated series.

It appears the majority of the episodes I saw on cable television years ago were from the first season.  With all going well, I should complete the second season of The Boondocks before the year’s end.

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