Oct 12, 2014

The Shocking Blue

With regards to The Shocking Blue, my luck appears to be better in finding the album with Venus more than finding the album with Venus and a clean sleeve.

I was at a Plateau record shop and found a copy of the album I just mentioned for $8.

I would've left with it but the first songs on each side were warped. I made the tough decision of leaving it there.

I've been fortunate to find two copies of the album with their smash hit and they each have tears in the top right corner where the price tag used to lay.

The tear is where a band member's face is and makes him look like the inspiration for Mike Tyson's tribal face tattoo. 

In 2008, a non-warped record was placed in my hands. That was my best dig discovery for the year.

I can't complain about those vinyl copies. They have stood the test of time and have been spun on my Suite Delight show and in DJ sets whenever I got the chance. 

I love the album so much that it reaches near-retirement stages. I'm a few cuts away from having played the entire album on my show.

I managed to find more Shocking Blue songs to play last year and will do what I can to spread them evenly throughout upcoming shows.

Who would have thought the band that sang Venus originally would be so close to my heart?

I have Mark Ronson to thank for that. A while back, I was listening to an East Village Radio show and heard a song that blew me away! It was called Send Me A Postcard and quickly became obsessed.

The flame was lit from my first time hearing Send Me a Postcard.

After two CDs and vinyl copies of their Venus album, the way I’ve added The Shocking Blue’s music to my collection is shocking.

 I went to check the playlist and was expecting to see some modern rock band, not the group that sang Venus! I immediately went on a hunt for music by The Shocking Blue. 

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