Jul 12, 2014

Wyclef Jean


Wyclef Jean was the first from The Fugees to release a solo project.

I got Wyclef Jean Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee Allstars from HMV and it possibly etched its name onto my favorite albums of all time list at Apocalypse, the first track after the hilarious courtroom introduction.

I admire the variety of production. Gone Til November is one of hip hop's most beautiful compositions. Anything Can Happen is fantastic. I don't really care what anyone says about We Trying To Stay Alive, I love it.

What I have in Wyclef Jean's Carnival is a wide range of sounds and styles. The album is a carnival on record. The eclectic nature of Carnival was closest I heard and experienced since the last De La Soul album.

I can name Wyclef Jean as an inspiration for my Suite Delight radio show. When I write about an album that I could discover new things from, Carnival was recorded for that purpose.

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