Mar 17, 2015

Jean Grae

I couldn’t believe I was hearing lyrics as intricate and complex as I was from Jean Grae when I first discovered her. 

I’m sure there are lot of concepts and images Jean Grae paints lyrically that I’m only partially aware of.

As opposed to not taking anything from the tracks, there is always something there for me. 

I know that a careful listen and examination of Jean Grae tracks will give me some hidden gems and jewels for me to meditate about afterwards.

As part of the Hip Hop Week series, Jean Grae will be in Montreal on March 20 for a live conversation at Concordia University followed by a concert at Le Belmont with critically-acclaimed hip hop producer Freddie Joachim, Los Angeles-based rapper Bambu & DJ Gayance. Admission is 30$.

Follow the link for a near 45-minute interview with Jean Grae.

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